NOTE – not a breeder referral


There are on occasion adult Griffons that need a new home. Some dogs come from homes where there is a sudden realization that this is indeed a large breed that needs exercise, attention, devotion, training, grooming, and A JOB. Some come from homes where the owner’s life circumstances change. Some come from local animal shelters where they’ve been picked up as strays or owner surrender. We have dogs of all ages and physical conditions come through our Rescue Program.

You should approach the adoption with the expectation that the rescue dog needs and deserves as much attention and devotion that a carefully chosen puppy bought from a breeder. You will need to practice the same patience, training, socialization, housebreaking, grooming and health care.

Adopting a Rescue Griffon  can be an excellent idea for people looking for a new family member that is past the “cute little infant” stage of life. Active families with a large, well fenced yard, and whose children (if any) are old enough and mature enough to handle and care for a large dog, are the most successful homes. Most Griffons are good with children and are amazingly resilient and quick to adapt to new conditions and bond to their new family members quickly.

We are pleased that you are interested in assisting us in rescuing a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.  There are some points that you should be aware of before you make your final decision.

There is always a conscious effort to match the dog to the appropriate home. We try to place our hunting dogs in hunting homes, but not all rescues are hunters.  We also place good family dogs as pets in non-hunting homes that provide other outdoor activites. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a high-energy hunting dog that is bred to hunt and love to do so.  They are loyal, people loving dogs who do not do well in a kennel, on a run, or away from “their” people. They need active owners who include them in activities. All of our rescued WPG are either neutered or spayed and micro chipped before adoption. You are, as the adopter, responsible for expenses charged by the shelter where the dog is located, neuter/spay expense, micro chipping, vet fees, foster home medical expenses and any other expenses incurred for its rescue. We try to find volunteers to move the rescues from Point A to Point B to get them to new homes. When this doesn’t work, you will be responsible for all the transportation cost involved in the dog’s relocation.  There is also a flat $100.00 fee to the American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Rescue to help cover telephone calls to shelters, veterinarians, foster homes and potential adopters. When we have a rescue, often the dog is in a kill shelter and must be moved immediately. When you submit your adoption application, we presume you are willing to make an immediate decision when a rescue becomes available that matches the key elements in your adoption application and the dog’s evaluation. As you can see, these procedures remove rescues from ”free dog” category.


How can I adopt a Rescue Griffon?

After reading the above parameters, if you are interested in adopting a Rescued Griffon, please fill out an adoption application. The electronic adoption application is comprehensive and will inquire about your family and housing situation. We find that having completed applications on file is the best way to find a home efficiently when a dog becomes available.  Please do not e-mail us about the status of your application once it is submitted, all applications are logged in our database and evaluated each time a dog comes available for adoption – we find this is the best way to ensure that a potential forever home is the best fit for each individual dog.

If you would like to view the dogs which are currently available for adoption please visit our website ( )  and click on the “Adoptable Griffs” tab.

If you want to personally talk with a team member, please email your contact information and question/concern to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When you adopt a dog you will be required to sign an Adoption Contract in which you agree to provide a safe, caring home for the dog, and if – for ANY reason in the future – you find that you can no longer care for the dog, that you WILL RETURN the dog to the AWPGA Rescue Program . You can expect to be asked that a financial donation be made to the AWPGA Rescue Program to help defray the great costs incurred in this effort.


Financial Assistance

The AWPGA Rescue Program  is run solely by a very small group of busy volunteers using only donations, financial help is critical to its success. Dogs who are brought into our Rescue Program are provided with veterinary care, spay/neutering board, and grooming. Most donations do not begin to cover the actual costs incurred. We GRATEFULLY accept donations in any amount from anyone wanting to contribute to helping us re-home these dogs in need. Please send your donations to:

AWPGA Rescue Fund
4436 N. Malden, 1S, Chicago, IL. 60640


Purebred Alternative Listings

Even if a rescue dog does not come with registration papers, you can apply to  the AKC for a “PAL Number” on your spayed/neutered dog, which would allow you to compete to achieve obedience, agility, hunting, junior showmanship and other titles on your dog. Please visit the AKC Purebred Alternative Listing Page (link to: AKC Purebred Alternative Listing ) to find out more information.


Public Education

Most of all, please help us by telling anyone you know who is considering breeding dogs without the knowledge, experience, and commitment to the breed that is necessary to produce sound, birdie, typey dogs that meet all parts of the standard, to PLEASE reconsider. And PLEASE spay or neuter your pets!