1851 Eduard Karel Korthals Born – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1867 “Mouche” (GSB #143) whelped
1870 - 1871 French-German War
1873 Korthals begins serious breeding program
1874 - 1877 Korthals acquires Mouche, Janus, Junon, Banco, Hector, and Satan
1875 “Banco” (GSB #2) whelped
1877 - 1879 Korthals moves to Biebesheim am Rhein, Germany
1879 “Donna” acquired in Germany. Longer coat.
1882 Illness destroys 16 young dogs in Korthal’s kennel
1885 “Vesta” leased as a brood bitch. Good producer – rough coat.
1887 Korthals and 16 other breeders sign and publish the breed standard
1887 Zoletta registered with AKC
1888 International Griffon Club formed
1895 Southern German Griffon Club in Bavaria formed
1895 Royal Belgium Griffon Club formed
1901 Club Français du Griffon d’Arrêt a Poil Dur Korthals formed in France
1911 De Nederlandse Griffon Club formed in The Netherlands
1916 The Griffon Club of America formed and breed standard adopted.
1916 16 Griffons exhibited at Westminster KC
1917 New Country Life Magazine article published, peaking interest in the breed.
1939 - 1945 WWII – serious breeding activity stopped due to war – GCA ceases to exist.
1951 New club formed “Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America”
1980s WPGCA splits into two groups; those wanting to crossbreed with Cesky Fousek, and those who don’t.
1991 American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Association formed by those choosing not to cross breed.
1991 AKC recognizes AWPGA as official national parent club for Griffons in USA
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